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Gianmatteo Costanza is an international software executive who is socially invested, politically enlightened, and technologically driven. His career takes him to all parts of the world, and Gianmatteo never passes up an opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions. He enjoys debating public policy issues and taking in the sights and sounds of the world around him. Ultimately, Gianmatteo Costanza characterizes himself as an observer of the human spirit. 

One of the reasons Gianmatteo loves what he does is because he believes in software’s power to touch people’s lives in transformative ways. It excites him to lead and manage teams that create products and experiences to empower people and make a difference. Gianmatteo’s specialties lie in mobile applications, distributed software architectures, and intuitive user experiences. Although he was born with an analytical mind, Gianmatteo loves and appreciates front-end engineering and web design, a rare duality for someone in his field. This ability allows him to see the value in software system design from a user’s perspective first and foremost. Unlike most software executives, Gianmatteo begins with the user’s desired experience, then works backward through the technology stack. As a leader, Gianmatteo prioritizes deadlines and big picture objectives while also obsessing over front-end UI and UX details.

Another benefit to acting as a liaison between users and engineers is the role Gianmatteo Costanza serves on a team as a bridge. He consistently emphasizes communication at all levels and stages of a project. Gianmatteo recognized the value of communication early on when he recognized his innate talent for drawing people together for a common goal. He spent his younger years as a youth organizer and a reporter for a regional publication. He maintains these skills today as the President of his alumni chapter and co-chair of the San Francisco–Zurich Sister City Committee.

Ease of use and clear communication have been central themes of Gianmatteo’s work. After several years as a local correspondent for a regional newspaper, Gianmatteo’s original plan was to focus on journalism and media. He selected a degree path in communication studies at the USI Università della Svizzera Italiana. While attending university, Gianmatteo was an active founding member of one of the earliest student associations and a contributor to the university journal. The time spent at college opened new insights and opportunities for Gianmatteo. He changed his focus to the technical side of communication and enrolled at ETH Zurich for Computer Science, where he earned his master’s degree.

After graduation, Gianmatteo moved to California and became a member of the resurgence in Silicon Valley. He worked for VMware, creating the first full-fledged web client for managing infrastructure. As Silicon Valley’s visualization movement grew, Gianmatteo worked closely with all software team members, from product owners to developers, software architects, business analysts, testers, QA engineers, UX specialists, and UI designers.

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