The rise of wearable technology has taken the technology world by storm. From science fiction novels to the workplace, these versatile gadgets can be utilized in various ways. Wearable technology can improve the productivity and health of today’s workers by monitoring their activities and helping them make healthier lifestyle choices. Here are some of the ways wearable tech is improving the workplace.

Employee Safety

Wearable technology is becoming more prevalent due to its ability to provide employees with the necessary information to perform their duties. Sometimes, it can even help prevent them from getting injured while working.

Truck drivers are starting to wear Safe Caps designed to monitor their fatigue levels. This feature, similar to a baseball cap, can help prevent drivers from falling asleep while driving. The smart caps also encourage them to rest by displaying dangerous driving conditions.

Construction firms are also reportedly using smart glasses to take videos of their work processes. A manager can then analyze the footage to identify areas of concern and prevent issues before they can affect the quality of the project. A single supervisor would be able to check the feeds of several employees at once, thus creating a safer environment.

Increased Productivity

According to a study, employees who wear wearable technology are more productive than those who don’t. In factories, workers use armbands designed to track the products they’re moving. This feature can help them save time and improve their efficiency.

In warehouses, employees use wrist devices equipped with GPS technology to help them find the most efficient route to get products to their customers. Although it only saves a few minutes daily, this method quickly adds to an organization’s bottom line.

Wearable technology can also replace traditional desktop equipment in the office. It can help employees keep track of essential details and improve their productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Due to the increasing number of employees from different countries, workplaces now use various devices and programs for collaboration. Wearable technology lets people stay connected even while they’re on the go.

In Japan, engineering firm Hitachi is currently using a device known as the Business Microscope to monitor its employees. This wearable device, made of a card-like structure, uses various sensors to collect user data. Employees and managers can track real-time progress to create optimal collaboration. It can also help managers identify areas of concern and improve their office’s efficiency by monitoring their workers’ energy levels.